May 24, 2024
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Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist – What To Ask Your Provider

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Have you booked your first Medicare Annual Wellness Visit? Southeast Medical Group is committed to ensuring that you receive the comprehensive care you deserve. The first crucial step in this journey is preparing you for your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (MAWV).

To ensure that you get the most out of your appointment, we've written a comprehensive checklist of questions that you should consider asking your healthcare provider before or during your MAWV.

1. “What is covered by my Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?”

Understanding the specific services and screenings covered by your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (MAWV) empowers you to get the most out of your available preventive care benefits. To better understand your personalized MAWV, ask your provider about each step of the visit:

  • Your Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Your Height, Weight, and Blood Pressure Measurements
  • Your Review of Functional Ability and Cognitive Function
  • Your Covered Preventative Screenings
  • Your Development of a Personalized Preventative Care Plan

2. “What preventive screenings or tests are recommended for me based on my age, gender, and medical history?”

Being proactive about preventive screenings can help detect potential health issues early and facilitate timely interventions. Recommendations for preventative screenings may vary and change over time, so be sure to ask at every Annual Wellness Visit.

3. “Can you review my current medications and discuss any potential interactions or side effects?”

Ensuring that your medication regimen is optimized and tailored to your specific needs is essential for your overall health and well-being.

4. “What lifestyle modifications can I make to improve my health and reduce my risk of chronic diseases?”

Discussing lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and stress management play a significant role in disease prevention and management.

5. “Are there any vaccines that I should consider receiving based on my age and medical history?’

Staying up to date on vaccinations is an important aspect of preventive healthcare, especially for adults covered by Medicare.

6. “Can we develop a personalized wellness plan to address my specific health goals and concerns?”

Collaborating with your healthcare provider to create a personalized wellness plan can help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your health objectives.

7. “How often should I schedule follow-up appointments or screenings based on the recommendations from my MAWV?”

Understanding the recommended frequency of follow-up appointments and screenings will help you stay on track with your preventive care plan.

8. “Are there any community resources or support groups available to assist me in managing my health conditions or achieving my wellness goals?’

Exploring community resources and support groups can provide you with additional tools and support to enhance your overall health and well-being.

9. “Can you provide me with a summary of the discussions and recommendations from my MAWV for my personal records?”

Having a written summary of the discussions and recommendations from your MAWV can serve as a valuable reference for future appointments and healthcare decisions.

10. “How can I contact you or your office if I have any questions or concerns following my MAWV?’

Knowing how to reach your healthcare provider or their office will ensure that you have access to support and guidance whenever you need it.

You Are Now Ready for Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit!

By asking these essential questions, you are actively participating in your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit. You now maximize the benefits of this no-copay preventive care service and take proactive steps towards achieving your health and wellness goals. Southeast Medical Group is committed to supporting you in each and every step of your wellness journey. Anytime. Anywhere. We are here for your health.

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