April 22, 2024
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SEMG Westside Is Our Flu Shot Champion, 2023-2024

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Southeast Medical Group, Westside has taken the initiative this flu season.

The full-service internal medicine clinic in Macon, Georgia is SEMG's most improved clinic for flu vaccination rates, with an impressive vaccination rate of over 60% in the first quarter of 2024.

Spearheaded by the wellness-driven leadership of Dr. Peter Allotey, this clinic has not only achieved remarkable success in bolstering vaccination rates overall but has also demonstrated a profound commitment to serving the Black community in Macon with tailored healthcare solutions.

Dr. Allotey’s approach combines a deep-rooted culture of promoting best health practices with a series of meticulously crafted processes and systems that allow for necessary patient education and make it easy for all of his patients to receive flu shots if they wish.

Central to their vaccine success story is the implementation of strategies aimed at making vaccines more accessible and affordable. Utilizing tools like "Transact Rx," the office manager ensures that patients can receive vaccines at reduced out-of-pocket expenses, allowing for more patients to receive their annual shot.

SEMG Westside has adopted a proactive stance in ensuring that patients stay up-to-date with their vaccinations. The entire staff sets clear expectations regarding vaccination, creating a supportive environment where patients feel empowered to prioritize their health.

One key element of their approach is the presence of a dedicated Annual Wellness Visit Coordinator, tasked with closing vaccination gaps for eligible patients. They offer these patients important education about the current flu vaccine and how getting the shot can enhance their personal prevention programs.

Even with all the tools and the drive, this would not be possible without the incredible efforts of the SEMG Westside staff. They operate with a shared sense of purpose, embodying a true "team approach" to healthcare delivery.

SEMG Westside stands as a beacon of excellence in promoting flu vaccination and preventive healthcare within the Macon community. Under the leadership of Dr. Peter Allotey and his dedicated team, the clinic has not only achieved remarkable improvements in vaccination rates but has also set an example of how compassionate and patient-centric care should truly be.

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